What is a Phygital product?

December 19th, 2022

In today’s increasingly digital world, the lines between the physical and digital realms are becoming increasingly blurred. One of the most innovative ways in which this convergence is being harnessed is through the concept of phygital products.

So, what exactly is a phygital product? Essentially, it is a product or service that seamlessly combines the physical and digital worlds in order to create a unique and enhanced user experience. These products can take many forms, from virtual reality exhibits in museums to better shopping experiences in retail stores.

One of the main advantages of phygital products is the level of immersion and interactivity they offer. For example, a phygital museum exhibit might use augmented reality technology to provide visitors with additional information and context about the artifacts on display. This not only enhances the overall museum experience, but also helps to educate and engage visitors in a more interactive and engaging way.

Similarly, phygital products can also be used to enhance customer service and support. For example, a phygital retail store might use a combination of in-store and online technology to provide customers with a personalized and secure shopping experience. This could include using virtual reality technology to allow customers to try on clothes or accessories, or using artificial intelligence to provide personalized product recommendations based on a customer’s past purchases and interests.

Phygital products are not just limited to the retail and entertainment industries, however. They are also being used in education, healthcare, and other sectors to enhance the user experience and provide additional value. For example, a phygital healthcare clinic might use telemedicine technology to provide patients with virtual consultations, or a phygital university might use virtual reality technology to provide students with immersive learning experiences.

Overall, phygital products offer a unique and innovative way to combine the physical and digital worlds in a way that enhances the user experience and provides additional value. As such, they are becoming increasingly popular in a variety of industries and are likely to continue to grow and evolve in the coming years.

ANIMA created a system to link every physical object to unique digital alter-ego living in blockchain; a digital soul containing all the uniques informations about the product.

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