Home: a new point of view

December 3rd, 2022

For the past two years, we have witnessed the advent of a new era, brought about by various events such as the pandemic. The latter is just one of the many factors that have recently shifted the center of our lives more and more within the walls of our homes.

In fact, what’s changing is the concept of home itself, which is increasingly understood as the universal habitat of our interests, work and, more than ever, consumption.

The concept of smart working has inevitably changed the way we perceive and approach work: the perspective, for many of us, is no longer that of an aseptic place like a corporate office where we can schematically follow processes that seem to repeat themselves endlessly; the use of our own space that we can manage and set up according to the vision that best suits each of us is perceived as a real turning point in the concept of daily work.

Our home is no longer just a dwelling, it is the place where we manifest our productivity, not only for the work we do but also for the harmony we try to establish around us.

The possibility of managing work in what is for many an ideal and personal place, has led to an increase in the production of most workers, employees or not, as well as a greater interest and predisposition towards the activity that is carried out.

Smart and minimal will be among the main trends to manage one’s daily life: from furniture to the desk, passing through the screens on which we work every day, all this will change shape, adapting more and more to man himself; objects such as chairs, sofas present new geometries and functionalities, in order to stimulate man in his activities. All these new means will give man more time and space, we will give up the extra objects and means that occupy our area.

Probably more things enclosed in a single screen or furniture, essential and not, which will be more efficient. Our work will be productive precisely because it will be supported by tools that take our shape; these tools will adapt to our movements and our sensations, not vice versa. Depending on the position or posture that tomorrow’s worker intends to take, all those means such as furniture or technological tools will be designed on a human scale, means from which to get out the most productivity at the lowest cost and space.

Just think of the exponential increase that services such as streaming or delivery platforms have had, markets that aim to save time and space for the person who uses them, perfectly connected to each other like a big puzzle whose final product is a personal asset that runs and works just according to our movements and our needs.

If the markets mentioned above are among the first to move towards this new concept, we can see how all the others are also adapting to this, through the implementation of e-commerce, as well as the development of digital boutiques, even the world of catering which is increasingly oriented towards the user’s own home as a new and constantly updated location.

It is here that the design concept becomes a more than natural requirement to harmonize our spaces and therefore the perception and the eyes with which we experience them.
If before we went outside to look for art, aesthetics, beauty, now these terms have become essential elements to build inside our space, through a process that involves both the design market, more and more projected towards this new “context”, and our vision itself.
The man designs his habitat where he involves more and more activities and main experiences of his life, just within this is manifested the increase of his working productivity, since put in his ideal condition.

The market is enhancing exponentially everything that surrounds man inside his home, from the means of work themselves to everything that enriches the value and well-being in itself.

It seems inevitable to look at technology as an indispensable element of art and design.

ANIMA supports the enhancement of the works of artists and designers through the use of blockchain technology. Increasingly disruptive in the market, the blockchain is among the driving wagons of social change underway by bringing together in a single universe, that of Web 3.0, different categories, each with their own work and their own needs: both the artist and the buyer valorize their work or their actions, favoring an increasingly wide-ranging mechanism.

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