• What is anima?
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Anima is an Italian innovative Start-ip founded by a visionary team that is fully committed in introducing users and companies in Web 3.0. We know blockchain can be used to maximize brand’s efficiency and to develop new strong market channels.

  • What is Web 3.0?
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Web 3.0 is the new generation of internet technologies based on machine learning, artificial intelligence and, particularly, blockchain. We are currently in a transaction period from Web 2.0 to 3.0. This new concept of web has lot of new features, such as, for the first time, the ownership of digital data, which is a disrupting concept in our point of view.

  • Which blockchain do you use?
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Anima is basing his technical infrastructure using an EVM blockchain, Polygon. However we are developing the infrastructure to integrate the XRP-Ledger when there will be the upgrade for EVM compatibility.

  • Do you directly work with brands?
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The first client of Anima are of course brands, which after signing the project participation, will be closely followed by the Anima team to develop the product that suite the brand’s necessity. Anima offers a 360° advice service about Web 3.0 and in order to do this there is the need to share with us a lot of information and to work in close contacts.

  • How can I buy NFT in Anima?
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To buy Anima NFT you will only need to register in our platform; you can buy NFT using credit card, PayPal or the most common crypto.
You will be able to withdraw you NFT into a wallet, such as Metamask, and to trade it into NFT DEX marketplace (opensea).

  • Can I redeem the original physical object?
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Absolutely! This is one of the most innovative side of our project. Every NFT brought through the Anima marketplace is redeemable, we will provide the same physical object connected to your NFT. The brand will take care of the shipping process directly to your house.

  • What happen to my NFT after I decide to redeem the physical object?
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When you decide to redeem the physical object, your first NFT is burned and you will receive another NFT identifying the digital ID of the product and the warranty certificate.

  • Do you operate only in the design market?
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We started with the design market because we aim to bring innovation in a sector that it’s still not “digitalized” as fashion. However, our smart contract and the S.T.O. system can be perfectly used for all commercial sectors: from agriculture to luxury. We are aiming to disrupt the future of e-commerce.

  • Where do I store my NFT?
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You can easily store your NFTs in the Anima platform by accessing through the email. However you can withdraw your NFT and store it in wallet such as Metamask, after that Anima will not be responsible anymore about any issue related.

  • What if I don’t have a wallet?
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Anima provide a secure storage service. You just have to create an account in the platform to get access to your personal vault for you NFTs. Every NFT is protected by the company and assigned to its specific owner to a special blockchain matching system invented by our programmers.

  • Why are you planning to move in the XRPL once EVM compatible?
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We based our decision on a variety of technical specs that XRPL is offering as distributed ledger.
First of all XRPL is highly scalable and offer some of the highest rate of transaction per second, combined with one of the cheapest of the market.
Anima’s mission is also to be an highly sustainable company and Ripple is one of the few blockchain that respect this standard.
We could fill an entire page about Ripple advantages but we want you as well to investigate by your own to discover this amazing reality.

  • Are you planning to expand in the metaverse?
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Definitely yes, Anima’s mission is to become one of the best Design NFT provider for all the suitable metaverse that will be developed along the way. Our vision is to see in the digital home of people, Anima’s product to be used and displayed. This way, all brands using Anima ecosystem will be able to develop a digital presence among this incredible reality, approaching like this a completely new world. Having the opportunity to get the product as well in real life, makes us the bridge between reality and the virtual world.

  • I believe in your project, do you have a token I can buy to invest in ANIMA?
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NO! The only way to invest directly in our startup is to get in touch with us. No tokens related to ANIMA are currently available to the market.

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