Blockchain and NFT to fight counterfeit market

November 29th, 2022

While much of the world has been busy facing the catastrophic events of the past two years, some communities have opted to look at recent events as manifestations of social and global change and consequently ride in their wake.

But how?

First by favoring the third Web revolution, which propels us to Web 3.0, a decentralized technology that grants value and ownership to data and/or information. Such a revolution places humans before a plurality of different digital universes where they can move freely. And it is within this multitude of universes that we have witnessed a re-valorization of life, based on real communities that share and support certain ideals of a project.

In this regard, among the most discussed elements areNFTs (“non-fungible tokens”): true manifest tokens of membership in a given community rather than symbols of a personal asset or even access keys to specific services and privileges.

In 2021, there has been an increase of more than $10 billion on sales and a move from 10,000 users to 40,000 in the NFT community; in addition, estimates project a further increase to reach $25 billion. More and more companies are opening their doors to this trend: among the most famous auction houses, Christie’s is partnering with Opensea, the largest NFT marketplace with sales worth more than $6.5 billion, for auctions of digital works.

Among the many strengths of NFTs, their uniqueness stands out, namely that they are irreproducible works, equipped with a code that cannot be duplicated and consequently counterfeited. The NFT corresponds, therefore, to the signature of the author himself.
 The main tool that allows the creation of such tokens are smart contracts, cyber protocols that through easy and direct verification simulate the logic of contract clauses and thus the entire negotiation.

According to recent OECD data, the value of counterfeit Made in Italy products amounts to 24 billion, over 3.6 percent, with a loss of 88,000 jobs. Breaking down the obstacle of counterfeiting is a priority behind the operation of this process: dual security for the user and the developer. The product is embedded within a shared, immutable digital ledger (a primary feature of blockchain technology).

The certificate of authenticity provided by the NFT not only tracks its movements but also enhances its creative process, its history. Within the digital certificate, there are different data and information of the product or asset: the brand or developer, year of production, warranty certificate, number and description. To address this problem, ANIMA has developed a system where both users and retailers, through their own wallet/ANIMA platform, receive and send certificates in NFT, contributing to product tracking. Each product corresponds to a digital alter-ego, registered in blockchain, in the form of an NFT, which represents the guarantee itself. 
This tracking occurs transparently, along the entire supply chain until it reaches the final customer. Within the blockchain, then, every movement or transaction will be visible to all, anyone will be able to trace back all the steps taken by the product, thus verifying the legitimacy of the distribution channel. Users and retailers protect each other, coming into contact more than ever throughout the process.

ANIMA strongly believes in the 3.0 digitization process, attributing a true digital soul to each individual product. ANIMA conveys the 3.0 revolution through an ecosystem that enables interaction between the real and digital worlds.

We think in a near future, every data, every information will take the form of NFT as well as every human-scale tool: what we observe and experience every day represents being a recorded and codified data; all the services we use, such as health care, contracts, means of consumption, and primary goods will be recorded and codified in a shared register, and every action or change will be moved from the human itself.

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