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…the future is something to build”

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About us
ANIMA was conceived and founded thanks to a close relationship with some of the most recognized design figures in the italian market, who identified two principal issues in the sepcific sector.
(I) Made in Italy counterfeiting: this well known problem created a loss of more than 30 BN, in 2021, for the Italian market.
(II) Product lifecycle exploiting: the other mission is to enhance, exploit and bring to give a concrete value of the creation process head to tail.
We have partenered with some of the premiere brands within the Italian design landscape, who are interested in implement their business to join another playground.

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Physical product
Every object has a story, but some of them have a longer one that need to be told, a path that led it to become what is today.
We believe into giving a soul that enclose the most relevant steps about its history such as the idea the affected the developing, the production process, the Co2 emission and many others for any specific object.
One of the most important moment in the lifecycle of a design product is the concept behind the idea; usually a topic not fully perceived and with a lot of room for implementation.The “abstract” and the “concrete” part of the product making are, most of the time, considered two distincted process, when they are completely not. In fact these twoaspects work in a parallel way to obtain the final result. There is no one without the other.

ANIMA introduced a new concept of DNA – Digital Nativity Awareness-. Which is a new way of living the product, thanks to this, the relation between the brand and the customer will be stronger than ever.
The product DNA is delivered by the process with which the NFT is produced. Every physical object is correlated to a Digital ID, in this way the brand preserves the paternity of each product. Thanks to our unique and specific smart contract we are able to track and certify every single object, from the creation to the last movement.
Each digital asset shows aesthetic and functional characteristics, materials, emissions, certifications, its history and more. Every action regarding the object is registered in blockchain as transactions (selling, movement, warranty, assistance, etc).
All the physical product are safely stored in the producer warehouse in a protected and controlled environment, until the eventual redeem.

image dna of digital nft

ANIMA Ecosystem
ANIMA is based on an ecosystem which permit a strong interaction between the real world and the digital one. Thank to the multiple platform used by the system, ANIMA can manage a based variety of services for the specific needs.
This ecosystem starts from the main platform Anima for then branching to several sub-platform in order to fulfill the variety of interaction between brands, clients and the digital system.The structure is then directly supported by a selected team of professionals, making the experience even more curated.
Every user can store their NFT, creating an account on Anima platform, without the need of having a crypto a wallet. However it’s possible to withdraw the actual NFT into a private custodial wallet such as Nano Ledger.

One of the key feature of the ANIMA ecosystem is the highly curated marketplace* for limited edition product designed by brands for ANIMA. Here, final customers and brands are able to trade, sell and stake their anima NFT in a controlled environment.
Here the value of every NFT is secured so the marketplace doesn’t’ have to be considered just a showroom but indeed a platform where the asset is secured and appreciated.
The marketplace is crucial for the implementation of the secondary phase of the NFT lifecycle, in fact some of the most interesting feature of this digital product are easily accessible through Anima ecosystem.
(*)Only Anima NFT are able to circulate inside the marketplace.

image of marketplace
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One of the most disrupting and visionary feature of Anima ecosystem will be theopportunity to redeem all the physical objects related to the NFT listed on themarketplace.
On the other hand, the physical products already existing, can be acquired in the certified shops and will have the direct correlated NFT certificate. This will be needed to confirm the paternity, give authentication and track down the product in all his lifecycle.
The delivery of the product will respect all the highest standards required for thetreatment of this kind of premium objects.

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