Design and fashion: toward a single direction

December 1st, 2022

In this sense, turning a glance to the past, the aesthetics of fashion and that of design seemed to be two worlds that were similar but never came close to touching. On the one hand, fashion was associated with the definition of trend, of something passing, cyclical; on the other hand, design combines the search for harmony with a concrete utility in everyday life.

This utility, combined with deep artistic research, is flowing year by year within the world of fashion: stylists and fashion designers, driven also by users increasingly seeking something new and unrepeatable, have associated the concept of high fashion with a context of study and analysis that could converge with the uniqueness and practicality of design.
For a consumer it is “useful” to invest not only in an architectural work with which to complete the aesthetics and functionality of the house, but also the dress now takes on that double value by unifying the utility (which is manifested through the status) and the mere search for beauty (a need that has always been present within each of us).

Particularly in high fashion, we see how designers constantly let themselves be inspired by the shapes, colors, lines and spaces typical of design, giving life to projects that among many things are also clothes. Even the setting up of a fashion show becomes a space to be filled with images and geometries, layouts and avant-garde architectures that act as a background to the world that the fashion house wants to convey to its observers.

Yet there is one element that fashion and design have always had in common and on which they have always focused to achieve excellence: Made in Italy. A guarantee of quality, this concept represents being a seal of which every company makes itself the bearer and which it cannot do without to reassure the user about the quality of its work. More than ever, Made in Italy has created a cross-sector link between the two industries.
The stylist is replaced by the figure of the fashion designer since the latter inserts the garment within a creative process that coordinates taste and expressive forms.

It is not surprising that fashion designers, in recent years, have decided to extend the work of their companies to the world of design, such as that of furniture. We notice how the biggest design events, such as the Salone del Mobile, feature work by many designers, who design unique pieces while recreating the place to manifest the philosophy of their creations.

Knowing that two of the biggest markets are slowly merging into one is a great opportunity for development. Man has the possibility of living within an ideal context, wearing a product that is the fruit of this context itself. So, like design, fashion revolves even more around the sphere of man, projected into a future where status, assets and the home itself surround his life. The ultimate goal of the brands is no longer just the perfect dress but the latter inside the perfect place, representing the context that the brand itself wants to recreate.

Since a few months ago, we notice how big luxury companies such as Gucci, have opened their doors to virtual reality, to cryptocurrency payments, to the expansion of E-commerce and virtual boutiques, able to recreate a perfect shopping experience and product knowledge that the user can live directly from his home. This process, hand in hand with the design industry, aims to enhance every product, protecting it from counterfeiting and providing it with a code that will attest its uniqueness at any time.
ANIMA’s mission is to facilitate this evolution, through the development and expansion of blockchain technology.

Products and the processes behind their creation are stored from time to time and collected in a system of blocks, each linked to the other, creating an unbreakable interconnection that will give even more value to the final product and the process that led to it. The user will be able to participate, step by step, in this process that involves every phase of creation. Her or his actions will affect the final value and result, and that action will be certified forever, giving the user the role of no longer a mere buyer but an active promoter, on whom to confer a personal code and thus an asset that will endure forever.

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