THE ARTIFACT, a black feather enclosed in a glass case with a wooden base, represents the soul, the etheric energy of an object, which holds its entire history. The feather, fragile and light, symbolizes the delicacy and purity of the soul, which contains in itself the idea, its history, the processes that make it up. The glass, transparent and allowing the contents to be admired, preserve the inner beauty while safeguarding the soul; just like the transparency and security of the blockchain.

Blockchain: Polygon
Address: 0xe750952dd62eefc2b54f4848c11f9032012596c2
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ANIMA Blockchain

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Milan, Italy

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A feather like a soul

The ARTIFACT collection is the first product created by ANIMA. It is produced and distributed only to the ANIMA’s team, advisors, and people that have contributed to the realization of our platform.


Total dimension of the Artifact: 26,5cm x 12cm

The base is made by MDF (Medium Density Foil), it was levigated to ensure smoothness and tinted in black. (12cm diameter).
The glass cover is crystal clear and it is attached to the base with a permanent glue (Height 24,5cm x 9,1cm diameter).
The feather is attached to the bottom with aluminium foil and wax.
The NFC chip is a unique cryptographically secured NTAG214

ANIMA hardly believe in the values of trust and cooperation to reach the set high standards.

Every person collaborating with ANIMA is firstly someone that hardly believe in the vision and the mission proposed. But more than all everyone part of ANIMA team has one common variable: being visionary with an extraordinary will to growth.

All the products ANIMA gift to their collaborators are provided with an NFC chip and registered in blockchain with a unique digital alter-ego. We care about being innovative firstly with our own products.

Every ANIMA digital certificate is forged and stored in blockchain as a unique NFT. ANIMA’s protocol provides authenticity, certification of origin and transparency on source raw materials of the final product. Furthermore, ANIMA’s digital certificate conveys the designer’s primordial idea by story-telling the final creation.

The ANIMA Platform offers a curated NFT marketplace dedicated exclusively to selected products from brand partners. Through the marketplace, customers can buy digital assets and redeem the underlying physical product, without the risk of counterfeits.

ANIMA has expertise in the Italian luxury design market, collaborating with the best-in-class brands while maintaining the industry’s high product standards. Each physical product has a unique cryptographically-secure system (NFC, RFID, or QR-code) linked to its respective digital certificate. 

Users can store, collect and visualize their digital assets in their ANIMA personal account, without the need of third-party crypto wallets. Each user’s digital certificates, warranties and product information will be readily-available and never lost again!